Prime re-development opportunity, mixed-use existing commercial property most suitable for high-net worth individuals preparing for a healthy & long lasting, comfortable retirement, group of  friends & families, specially with children or grand-children going soon to university.


Come & retire in Queensland, (the Land of the Queen!) Australia’s Sunshine State where the “weather is beautiful one day, perfect the next!” & leave behind your worries about bad weather, endemic corruption, pollution, unsafe food, heavily contaminated air & water plus unreliable health care.


Kangaroo-point is a Brisbane City suburb just across the Brisbane river & overlooking Brisbane City Centre. It is only 10minutes by car & a leisurely 15 minutes bicycle ride across the historic Storey Brigde to Brisbane Chinatown where you’ll find the same people & food you are used to in China, so you’ll probably never feel homesick. Also Brisbane food is fresher & healthier than in China, therefore much better for your long life & good health!!


Brisbane is a subtropical city with a similar climate as Sanya in Hainan, Southern China. It is also in a similar time-zone as only 2 hours ahead of Shanghai  or Beijing, meaning you wouldn’t get jet-lagged & you can  fly there from Hong-Kong in only about 8 hours. Then less than 20mn by taxi from Brisbane International Airport via the Airport link tunnel, whose exit is only a few minutes away from the property.


Brisbane has 4 World-class universities, including the University of Queensland, Griffith University & the Queensland University of Technology whose campus is directly across the Brisbane river from Kangaroo point.

So while your grand-children attend a nearby university, you can enjoy the fresh-air, peace & quiet of a uniquely Australian suburban quality lifestyle.


Due to popular demand, the Queensland Government is planning a new secondary school for Kangaroo point to complement the existing primary school, meaning that if you have school-age children or grand children, you’ll probably be able to walk them to & from school every day.

…. & you won’t need for you or your children to wear a face-mask because of pollution either!….


There is also a new footbridge planned over the Brisbane river, so you’ll be able to more easily walk directly into Brisbane City.

In the evening you may want to join the many other residents who go for walks along the top of the cliff overlooking Brisbane City, or go down the stairs & take a long leisurely walk along the Brisbane river…


Brisbane is about one hour drive North of World famous Gold-Coast, Australia’s better equivalent to Miami in Florida.

It is also about 90mn by car South from pristine Sunshine Coast, where you can shop for locally grown fresh avocados & mangoes, pineapples, macademia nuts & strawberries.

About the property

The 2159 sq/meters well maintained Kangaroo Point property is a 40 years old, 2 story brick building with 22 self contained motel rooms with own bathroom & kitchen, owned for many years by very old Australians who now all want to sell it because the property zoning has changed recently to mixed-use, meaning any new re-development can also include some shops on the ground floor & apartments upstairs to at least 8 stories height.

Because it is now a commercial property, foreign buyers should not currently require Australian Government Foreign Investments Review Board’s approval, which is a great advantage. However we recommend you obtain independent legal & tax-advice to discuss your particular situation & we have appointed a well-respected local Brisbane tax-law-firm with Mandarin speaking lawyers for you to contact directly.

Currently, the Kangaroo Point property, situated high on the cliff above the Brisbane river, hence flood-free, is an operating motel business whose average gross income over the last 3 years was just under AUD400,000 per annum with 70% of guests coming back to stay there after previous visits or being referred to by friends & family who have, because of its convenient location & great hospitality.

That’s a # 5.5 % gross ongoing income yield while awaiting for re-development approval from the Brisbane City Council, which maybe critical for your more efficient cash-flow management, particularly if you borrow money to purchase that property.


The offer

Enclosed Queensland State Government most recent valuation shows the land alone is worth A$6.6Million. We estimate current building amenities + ongoing income to be at least worth another $600,000, or $7.2M all-up ( USD 5.5M)

Offer to purchase will be limited to a maximum of 30 applicants only with the ability to each initially invest A$265,000, (USD 200,000) also covering initial property acquisition costs, such as transfer fees & Government tax. Payments must be made in Australian Dollars.

Those 30 successful applicants will then have the choice of developing the property soonest together, which will require further investment depending on what apartment type they finally opt for, or wait for later, at which time they’ll still need to invest more money for a total investment exceeding A$500,000 each or invite someone else, maybe in the family to do so with them or separately.

A previous architectural study has shown that when redeveloped, over 80 X 1 & 2 bedrooms apartments could be built on the existing site. However we’d recommend to new owners about 50 X 2+ 1 bedrooms apartments on dual keys (ie 3 bedrooms altogether per apartment), so you can either have your student grand-child reside there or rent that third bedroom with its own bathroom & small kitchen to a visiting friend or relatives; your choice.

So you’ll them not only benefit from a great lifestyle investment but also ultimate flexibility to decide what type of apartment & which amenities you will want to live in! You can also decide who will be your neighbours by inviting your closest friends & family to join-in with you.

Ground floor amenities may include a mini market for fresh fruits & vegetables, hair dresser, beauty shop using natural cosmetics, professional suites for a doctor, dentist, physiotherapist  etc for the prime convenience of residents.Whilst the top floor may include a restaurant, fitness club, spa, jakuzzy & swimming pool for quality lifestyle.

We estimate that on completion in 2-3+ years from now, the new building will be at least worth a multiple of times its current purchase price. It will then be up to you as individual investor to decide if you want to keep enjoying it or sell that investment…

How to invest?

We’re providing general investment advice suitable to wholesale, sophisticated investors in respect of the Fund. As such, any information or advice we provide does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Accordingly before acting on any information or general advice we provide (including deciding whether to invest), you should consider the appropriateness of such advice or information to your particular circumstances and read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the Fund available with the online application form

Please click HERE to apply online & also receive online PDS.

The application form uses an electronic signature process where as investor, you will be issued a PIN via email.You will need to use this PIN at the end of the application process to sign off the application.Therefore it is very important that Domacom Ltd (DomaCom) get your correct email address upfront.

1- DomaCom allow use of foreign bank accounts for payment purpose only. However please note that investors will have all interest and other income paid into DomaCom cash pool.DomaCom will not be able to pay-out regular interest and distributions into a foreign bank account.nDomacom’s preference however is for investors to have their own individual Australian bank account.

2- Upon completing the application, an email will be issued to you as investor with DomaCom’s application bank account details.Monies can then be either directly or indirectly transferred into that bank account from where-ever you are located.

3- Please note that for Government regulatory reasons, Domacom can only allow foreign individuals to invest in their own names, but NOT in the name of a foreign domiciled company or trust.

4- Upon receiving the completed application & then application monies, a DomaCom account will be created.Domacom will then issue you as investor with a login to enable you to view your cash deposit confirmation statements, monthly statements etc, together with a Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement for your records.

5- Whilst your individual investment will be held in cash while awaiting additional sufficient funds to affect the property purchase, interests at a current rate of 2.08% per annum of your cash balance, will be allocated every month into your sub account with DomaCom or Australian Bank account if you have one.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Domacom.ltd ?

DomaCom is a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange and is the Fund Manager for the DomaCom Fund. The DomaCom Fund is a fractional property investing fund that simulates the experience of investing in real property in Australia, without the need to purchase the entire property. It enables like-minded investors to come together to purchase a property that meets their investment goals. The Fund is set up as a Managed Investment Scheme structure registered with & regulated by the Australian Securities & Investment Commission. Each property acquired is held in a sub-fund of the DomaCom Fund which DomaCom manage and investors are issued units in the sub-fund that represent their investment. DomaCom will aggregate & manage your cash investments until the property is acquired on your behalf. That will be when enough investors have contributed sufficient capital for DomaCom to purchase the property outright.

What happens if insufficient capital is raised to buy the property?

That’s highly unlikely. However if it did happen, your investment will remains in the Cash Fund earning interest until another property can be funded or you capital will be returned to you.

How much does DomaCom charge for managing the sub-fund?

DomaCom charges a platform fee of 0.88%  per year (including Government Tax) on the value of your investment in the sub-fund. There are no entry or exit fees.

Who will hold the title to the property?

Perpetual Corporate Trust is the custodian and holds the title on behalf of investors in the sub-fund. Because as custodian, Perpetual Corporate Trust is a long established Australian legal entity, it simplify FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) more stringent compliance requirement by non-Australian nationals whose ultimate aim is to enjoy the benefits of Australian landed property in an established residential area.

Can I go & see the property myself ?                                                                                                                                                        
Yes you can & even stay there as a paying guest at anytime you want! A benefit of the DomaCom Fund is that you are investing in a property that you can see and have chosen, as opposed to a pooled structure where a fund manager chooses the property without your direct knowledge or involvement.

What happens to my money & who will be responsible for my investment after I’ve paid-in?

Your investment will be in an ANZ Bank account which currently pays 2.06% p.a, paid monthly.Perpetual Corporate Trust will act as Legal Custodian for your investment.Perpetual has been protecting Australian Investors since 1886 & you'll benefit from the same professionalism.Australian regulatory regime is very strong & the law is applied rigorously without fear nor favour irrespective of who you might be.

Should you have any further question, please call, whatsapp / WeChat katie-hsieh on +61 421 288 668 or email info@kangaroopoint.net  & she’ll reply as soon as possible. Katie speaks /write fluent English & Mandarin Chinese.

* Australian Law (ASIC Regulatory Guide 146) defines as sophisticated investors:

  •  those being advised on investments worth over A$500,000;
  • or a person owning net assets of A$2.5 million or having a gross annual income of over A$250,000 over two financial years;
  • or professional investors;
  • or large businesses; and
  • or (others) sophisticated /wholesale investors, such as educated professional & business people who clearly have the financial means to comply with REG 7.1.18 of the Australian Corporation Law 2001 in relation to investment-based financial commitment of (min) A$500 000 & understand their choices plus clear benefits of retiring in Queensland, Australia.
Disclosure of Interest:

-This information memorandum was prepared & is published by Lombard Securities Ltd, incorporated in Australia under company number 010904177. Registered office is at 1 Breakfast Creek Rd Newstead, Brisbane, Queensland, 4006. It is authorised and regulated by the Australia Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) under Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) number 255405.

- Lombard Securities Ltd will receive a once only fee of 2% of money invested plus applicable taxes, included in property sales price, to defray its marketing, admin & ongoing compliance costs.

- John De Mallory, FAICD, SSA, A.Fin, RFP, ASIC Authorised Representative No.271518 is a Director of Lombard Securities Ltd & a beneficiary from a self-directed pension fund which own some equity in the above investment.